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Crossed 50000 views!

Happy to inform you that, today my blog crossed 50000 views. Thank you all who came to my blog. It's been a nice time blogging. I'm sorry to say that, I was not regular in posting blog posts. Hereafter, I will try my best to come up with new posts. Also I've decided to include some technical topics to my blog post in the coming days. 
Keep visiting my blog. You can share your views through the contact section or as comments below every posts. Thanking you again
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Sign up to Amazon to get free Rs. 100 gift card

If you are a new user to Amazon, you could get free gift card. You just need to sign up with your email id from the given link. As it is a referral program, a user signing in from the below address will get a gift card of Rs. 100, if you make a purchase above Rs. 300. To get the benefit here is the link
Just click on the link, choose I'm a new customer and enter your email id. You will be proceeded to another page, to enter your details and to create a password. After creating an account, you can purchase anything from Amazon and you will be benefited with the gift card. Note that, you will get the gift card, if you make a purchase above Rs. 300. 
Happy shopping!

Microsoft released Denim update for Lumia 630, 1320 in India

Microsoft released Denim update for Lumia devices which was running on Lumia Cyan in India. Up to my knowledge Lumia 630 and Lumia 1320 will get the update. Last week they mentioned about giving the Denim update for Lumia 1320 but didn't said nothing about Lumia 630 in India

10 Best Websites to Download Stock Photos for Free!

Last time I wrote a post to find free and legal contents for personal and commercial useIn this post I have some websites which gives you free and legal (that's right!) stock photos. Even if they are free some sites put some restrictions in the way they are using. But don't worry, it won't restrict your free use, unless you use it to redistribute it for money. 

Find Legal & Free Content for your Website

As a blogger I was always worried about getting free contents to maintain my blog. Like me, most of all the bloggers around the world are on the way for getting some free contents because good things cost much and in my case I can't afford much of that. So I have searched for such free contents and some times I got good free contents but not at all the best. But then I found a way of getting free contents like images, web templates which are very useful, good and legal at the same time. 
The are different ways you can find free contents from the internet.
1. Just Google  it
If you want to find something, search with its name + "free and legal". If you found something interesting, go for it.

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2. Creative Commons 
CC is a web licensing website which provides licenses for various projects, images, videos and almost all the type of data available on the internet. So if you want something legal and free, go for the Creative Com…

Download Best 10 Free Windows Game Apps

Most of the Windows users are now migrating to Windows 8 and 8.1 and are now exploring the great possibilities of apps which are available tablets and smart phones. There are many useful apps paid and free are available in the Windows store and users can download the apps directly from the store. To access the Windows store you have to get a Microsoft account. Using your account you can login to the store and can download as many apps as you want. Comparing the other stores like Play store for Android and Apple store, Windows store have less number of apps available but the numbers are increasing day by day where developers are developing apps for all the three.

Here I am giving details about some of the best game apps I have seen and used from the Windows app store. You can click on the download link and it will direct you to the Windows store. There are many best games are available, but I am selecting only the best 10 of them. 
1. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

If you have watched the mov…

Honda Walking Assistant: A new hope for people who can't walk

We have crutches for support in walking if we have a broken leg or it is helpful using for people who have lost their legs. But using crutches is somehow a bad experience for people who have got a sudden change in their way of life. But how could we became satisfied when are not able to do a normal walk. If somebody hold us on for some moment and go for a walk that is an enjoyable one for us. God is able to do such things on us if we are willing to give Him, our life every day.

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We are talking about a technology which assist us in walking. Yea, you can walk as normal as you can even if you are not able to do so. Honda the leading automotive manufacturer developed a new device which helps people who are not able to walk. It can be attached to your legs and it have the ability to control your motions as you go on and it will do a normal walk for you. There are many other walking assistant devices are available now a days and this is the new breed in th…

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