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Saturday, February 28, 2015

10 Best Websites to Download Stock Photos for Free!

Last time I wrote a post to find free and legal contents for personal and commercial useIn this post I have some websites which gives you free and legal (that's right!) stock photos. Even if they are free some sites put some restrictions in the way they are using. But don't worry, it won't restrict your free use, unless you use it to redistribute it for money. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Find Legal & Free Content for your Website

As a blogger I was always worried about getting free contents to maintain my blog. Like me, most of all the bloggers around the world are on the way for getting some free contents because good things cost much and in my case I can't afford much of that. So I have searched for such free contents and some times I got good free contents but not at all the best. But then I found a way of getting free contents like images, web templates which are very useful, good and legal at the same time. 

The are different ways you can find free contents from the internet.

1. Just Google  it

If you want to find something, search with its name + "free and legal". If you found something interesting, go for it.

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2. Creative Commons 

Creative Commons search
CC is a web licensing website which provides licenses for various projects, images, videos and almost all the type of data available on the internet. So if you want something legal and free, go for the Creative Commons. CC provides a number of licenses which can be added to your site too. CC0, CC1.0, CC2.0, CC3.0, CC4.0

Things with CC0 license is absolutely free to use for any purposes. CC2.0 needs some attributes
CC3.0 needs attributes/credits and it cannot re-sell as it is.

There are different ways you can find a website which provides free contents with CC licenses.
a. Check for CC badges

Check if there any badges with CC placed in the website you want to download things, and if it is there, check for the license type. Some websites provides things but you need to give credits for them in your website.

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b. Search with Creative Commons

CC provides an amazing search tool which connects you to other search engines. CC provides a filter by which you will get CC licensed contents. To get this go to CC Search and you will see a search bar and you can type what ever content you needed and you can select what search engine is to be used to search. The search engines like Google, YouTube, Flickr, SoundCloud, Pixabay are available for searching. By selecting the search engine, you will be re-directed to the selected search engine with the searching query with CC's filter filtering the results. Now you will get a number of results which are associated with any of the CC's license. 
Google Image search with Creative Commons filter
In this way, you can find free and legal images, videos and any thing yo want.

3. Get free stock images. 

There are many sites now providing free high quality images to the public domain. I will write a post of getting free and legal high resolution professional photos from different websites, which you are allowed to freely use in your website later.

Download Best 10 Free Windows Game Apps

Most of the Windows users are now migrating to Windows 8 and 8.1 and are now exploring the great possibilities of apps which are available tablets and smart phones. There are many useful apps paid and free are available in the Windows store and users can download the apps directly from the store. To access the Windows store you have to get a Microsoft account. Using your account you can login to the store and can download as many apps as you want. Comparing the other stores like Play store for Android and Apple store, Windows store have less number of apps available but the numbers are increasing day by day where developers are developing apps for all the three.

Here I am giving details about some of the best game apps I have seen and used from the Windows app store. You can click on the download link and it will direct you to the Windows store. There are many best games are available, but I am selecting only the best 10 of them. 

1. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

If you have watched the movie Despicable Me 2, I surely say that you will love the minions. Gameloft have done a very great effort to bring such a great gaming app in Windows. Minion is running and collecting as much as bananas it can while running away from the obstacles. There are different levels available where the Minion can run in the Gru's Lab, Residential area, El Macho's Lair and many. It is a more interesting game like Subway Surfers and Temple Run and is absolutely free. You can buy bananas, costumes using the coins by doing despicable actions or from the internet.

Size - 141.5 MB     

2. Logos Quiz+

Guess the name of the brand or the product from its incomplete logo. This is an amazing game I love and it helps to learn about the logos of various companies, brands and products ranging from Tech, Car, Bikes, Airlines, Food and Beverages, Clothings and more. There are 8 levels available and each level contains atleast 80 logos to solve.  You can use hints to solve the logos. The free version comes with ads are the only negative thing and can remove if you buy the full version.

Size - 23.9 MB      

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3. Hill Climb Racing

Great racing game through hills. Sure you will be addicted to this if you played once. There are many vechicles can be used for racing. By default you will get a Jeep and by covering particular distances you can unlock different vechicles and places. There are different vehicles available like Truck, Tractor, Bus, One wheeler, Quad bike, Racing, Rally cars etc and also different racing tracks like desert, Artic region, cave and if you unlock more you can do a race in moon with no gravity and can travel over the hills of Mars the planet. And you will get this absolutely free from the Windows store (also available in Play store).

Size - 18.4 MB    

4. Flow Free

A great board game where you can connect two dots of matching color using pipes. You have to pair all the colors and the pipes where the pipes should fill the board and there is no overlapping is allowed. Two modes are available where time trial is also available. Start playing it and you will love it!

Size 1.0 MB         

5. AE 3D Moto : The Lost City

A bike racing game where you can collect coins while racing without hitting other vehicles. Score more points by travelling more distance. 

Size - 70.4 MB    

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6. Brain Cube Reloaded

An amazing board game where reach the destination by moving the CPU shaped rectangular bar along blocks. The bar can traverse 2 blocks in length and 1 in breadth in a single move. You may sometimes stuck up at some points where you cant go anywhere. Use your brain to get out from there. One episode is free to try.

Size - 34.1 MB     

7. F18 Carrier Landing Lite

An amazing flight simulator for Windows teaches you how to control an airplane. You could learn about the take off, landing and almost every thing about an aero plane. In my experience it is harder to land than take off and the flight in the air. I assure you once you land a plane perfectly, you can control a real plane. ;) . This is such an amazing app I have ever seen.

Size - 45.5 MB     

8. Hangman Pro

Great Hangman in my opinion. It have single play and multi player option. It have various categories ranging from Easy, Hard, Standard, Phrases, Animals, Geography, Food and also from SAT, GRE and TOEFL too.

Size - 6.2 MB        

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9. Angry Birds Star Wars

Great Angry Birds game from Rovio for Windows Desktop Apps. This is not a free app. You have to pay Rs. 170. But you can try it for free.

Size - 97.5 MB      

10. Asphalt 8

GAMELOFT bringing the mobile version of Ashphalt to Windows Desktop App. I haven't downloaded this yet. But from the reviews and the rating I could say that, this app gonna make the race tight!

Size - 1.28 GB       

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